Some Odds And Ends To Keep My Patriot WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Well Informed

I am OK for now. The Directed Energy Weapon (D.E.W.) has been turned off, at least for the time being. It went off some time ago, hours but I was temporarily completely blocked from going online. I would have told you all sooner, but I was on the phone with Willy and my ex-wife Pamela having two nice chats. Willy’s was short though, because he was on his way out the door when I called. Max wasn’t home. Traditionally, I call a little after Sunday’s dinner. I expect to speak to both Willy and Max then. The daytime is much safer than late at night, so I should be OK for a while. I will sleep well today. Now that I am out of jeopardy, how about all of you? Is everything OK on your end? Here is where “we run into the limitations of intuitive collaboration”. I sure wish I knew how you were all doing, but I see no way that you can tell me using the methodology we are using? Should I check the website for “blog reordering like we did before?”. BRB, I am going to go check it out and see “what’s on top blog-wise”. If you underwent a gas attack last night or very recently, U2 know what to do. The top blog on the website now is as follows in it’s entirety (visual copy mode still does not work)–> My Publish Button Was Hacker Deadened When I Tried To Add Copy To The Going To Reno Blog Posted on January 1, 2014 by SmokeMasterAllenD I am not going to Share this blog but I wanted my team to know what is going on. When I added copy extremely similar to the following Mafia hackers deadened my Update Ability—> I wrote—> Reno is an Ideal Place for the Mafia to either talk to me or kill me. I suggest that they do the former and not the latter. I was unable to add the above two lines to the Going to Reno blog. I just wanted my team to know that I could not add the copy above. Allen D [End of a visual copy attempt of the top blog on Visual copy mode is broke for me. It worked for the past two years, and then died a few months or so ago. Is this something you folks are doing on your end to stop me from using visual copy mode for some valid reason that I do not understand? If not, this sure is strange.] If something mentioning gas or a gas attack goes on top of the blog listed above titled “My Publish Button Was Hacker Deadened When I Tried To Add Copy To The Going To Reno Blog” I will know that one or more of you are being attacked in some way. At least that is something – like an “on off danger flag” so I can rest easy, or blog Alarm!!! Alarm!!! Alarm!!! with some sort of explanation in my Team’s defense. By the Grace of whatever God you may believe in (or not, as the case may be), Google–> Silicon Valley and the American Mafia, I trust that things will all work out in the end. I like the fact that Illuminati video I saw yesterday roasted the Catholic Church and organized religion. God is in all human beings. He is not out in space or the heavens somewhere, like the bullshit crammed down people by traditional Christianity. Bill Maher is right. Religion is all bullshit, but it serves many people well it seems. Who am I to argue if traditional Christianity helps some one? As far as I am concerned, despite all of my flaws and weaknesses, I am Jesus Christ’s Spiritual Brother–> and–> The Brother that filled in “the Other Key Half of the Equation” as far as reaching one’s true God/Nature granted human potential, due to–> The body of knowledge that I have learned, discovered and co-discovered with my son Willy in regard to–> Gaining, retaining and recovering Human Health in a general and practical sense. I knowingly gave my life to Humanity in the summer of the Year 2000, for I knew men would be sent to kill me for what I knew in regard to how to correct a state of depression and bipolar disorder naturally (I knew I was #1 in the World on both counts) and–> I Was OBLIGATED BY GOD (my conscience in this case) TO DO MY DAMNEDEST for the Rest Of My Natural Life To Freely Share this Healing Knowledge with All Of Humanity via the Power of the Internet. If this was not a Christ-like choice, I do not know what is. The Big Lie in regard to Christianity is that Jesus was “the one and only Son Of God”. That’s bullshit because I know for a fact that despite appearances and all my human frailties, I AM A SON OF GOD and GOD/NATURE AS WELL. Every Human Being Has this Potential.  I  like how Keisha Crowther puts in when Speaking to an Audience–> YOU ARE ALL GOD! I am not any better or any more God-like than anyone else that reaches their full potential in this regard. So my potential might be a bit greater than someone else’s perhaps. Do you remember the Parable about Persons having Different Numbers of Talents in the Bible.  This Biblical Parable applies here. Incidentally, Every member of my WordPress “Intuitive Collaborative” Internet Team is God/Nature, Just As I Am, as far as I am concerned. Every Single One Of my Team Members put their lives on the line for Humanity when they began to Support me. We may play different roles in our Collective Effort, but essentially “we are all doing the same thing”. It’s not my blog here, it is OURS! It sure seems to me that there is a higher power than us human beings that created this earth, all its creatures, the stars, the galaxies, and nature, etc. The only God I believe in outside of the little piece of God in all of us is God/Nature, the term my father Arthur used for God. It is a God Granted Miracle for all of this to be finally coming together, such that we are winning now, and–> I am not dead long ago from all of the times the Mafia tried to kill me. It also sure seems that both I, “we as a team” and “this Current Rising of Humanity” are getting–> Some sort of Angelic and Divine Help in which to beat so many extremely powerful and/or extremely wealthy powers that be. David and Goliath is peanuts compared “to what we did”–> As a WordPress “Intuitive Collaborative” Internet Team since 4/9/2012 and later that April when Mark J came onboard. Incidentally, I sincerely apologize to all team members for not writing “a Two Year Anniversary Blog” for our Team on April 9, 2014. In our case our team represents 4 small ants vs. 3+ big elephants (the Illuminati, the Feds and the Mafia). We were the four ants, and we beat three big elephants! Oops! that is not entirely true. We beat two elephants by making a mutually beneficial deal with the third. I pray to God this is how things work out. IN NO WAY AM I WILLING OR DESIROUS OF NOT MAKING A WIN/WIN DEAL WITH THE MAFIA. This is the Only Way Out For Humanity, and God and I and Silicon Valley and the American Public ALL sorely need the Mafia KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS TO SAVE both America and The Planet. We sorely need Mafia Force, and if so We Need To Pay For It.  I think we as a Team all “see the Wisdom in this”, as does Google and the rest of Silicon Valley. We’d be the foolish ones if we went up against the Mafia. In such a case, everyone loses, to include America and the World too. On the Positive Side, Think of all of the other countries and what will happen there as this plays out. We will have beat an entire herd of big elephants! For example, in Russia, the way to fix things is exactly the same conceptually as it is in America–> Structure a win/win deal between the Russian Mafia, Russia’s version of Silicon Valley and the Russian people in Order to Stop the Illuminati’s Evil Plans. The Russians can simply follow our example here in America once we succeed to design the proper e-gov structure and the Standard Operating Procedure that goes along with it. This all makes perfect sense to me. It is Just Common Sense Really. And It is the Only way to Circumvent the Common Frailties in Human Nature, as I blogged in the summer of 2013. It is only a matter of time, after the Big Picture blog was written that the Illuminati loses big time all over the world, if we do a good job here in America. Our Good Example will fix a lot of countries problems all over the world. I know for a fact that if Silicon Valley and the Mafia sit around a Presidential Roundtable (where all 8 – 12 attendees are “Equally Empowered Presidents”and face each other Respectfully, they can figure “the Right Answers out” as well as successfully implement these answers on an ongoing basis forever as long as the e-governemnt structure is “designed right”. And who would be best to “design an e-government right”? The Collective Wisdom of Silicon Valley, of course! We will hasten the process of Saving America and the World if Google brings me onboard ASAP and allows me to become a part of “Team Google” TO MAKE THE 1ST INTERNET Woodstock HAPPEN (in some appropriate capacity determined by both them and by my abilities or lack thereof). Either way, slow or fast, the Truths that “We as a WordPress Website Development Team” created on our many Germane Websites will eventually win! There is no Stopping the TRUTH NOW! EVEN IF I SIMPLY REMAIN WHERE I AM IN THIS MOTEL IN RENO WITHOUT–> ANY FACE TO FACE HELP AND SUPPORT, and we continue to do as always–> “what we as a collaborative team have been doing all along”, we will succeed! It will only slow down the process of succeeding (aka Progress) if Google does not bring me onboard ASAP (or ever for that matter), it will not stop it. Thanks to U3+? we succeeded against all odds. We as a team had a million to one odds against us two years ago. By myself without U3, I did not have a ghost of a chance. The odds would have been a trillion to one against me if–> You 3+? American heroes did not stick your necks out to help me two years ago. That’s no shit. On the work front, I trimmed all of the negativity, pettiness and fat out of the blogs on going all of the way back to March 28th. I am going to leave the Big Picture blog on top of for quite a while and–> Not blog ANYTHING OVER IT AT ALL. I might put an Upgrade of the Complex War blog (when it is done) right underneath it. Conclusion That’s all for now, until I get some sleep. Expect me back between 10 pm and midnight. After checking and perhaps Sharing this blog (I am going to leave it up to my Team whether, where and when to Share this material), I am going to–> Turn this computer completely off until 10 PM and get some much needed sleep. Don’t be alarmed if I wake up late, say 2 AM or so. After 6 AM in the morning if No Blogging at all from me happens, that’s the time to get more than a little bit concerned. Not for my Sake, for America’s, Humanity’s, and yours if they succeed in killing me. I have no fear at all. I did my part. Sure I want to do so much more, and I know I can, but I cannot protect myself from poison gas when sleeping.  Whatever happens, happens when I go to s. (((Hugs))) Allen D

Some Contact Details For Allen Darman aka Allen D In Reno NV (5-3-14)

For years I simply gave up as far as getting important or critical phone calls or emails.

Hackers blocked me so much since June 2006, that I simply gave up, rather that be repeatedly frustrated–>

Knowing full well the entire time that all of my inbound and outbound traffic was monitored, screened, and selectively deleted or blocked.

Perhaps Things are Different Now as a Result of the Big Picture Blog I wrote on May 2nd, 2014.

Perhaps Not As Well.

In an Optimistic Spirit, I am going to give out (1) my new working phone number, (2) a primary email address (I am not sure which yet) and also (3) my physical location (the bad guys know it already, I might as well tell everyone else).

My new phone number is 1-775-200-4574.

This is a cheap $30 Walmart StraightTalk LG flip phone, one in which I have unlimited text and minutes (which costs $45 a month plus tax).

I tried a call to an answering machine, and this phone is activated and it works well.

Anyone that may wish to talk to me at any time, sooner or later, and feels it appropriate to do so, feel free to dial 775-200-4574 (or use the 1 in front of this number if you are on a phone in which you have to).

I could not afford a Smart Phone, but I hate them anyway as far as calling and answering goes.

Flip phones are real easy for me, and I used to regularly talk to a good friend for hours on them (she is deceased unfortunately).

The thing I really like about flip phones is that you just stick them in your pocket, and you never accidentally start dialing numbers.

I don’t expect anyone to call, nor am I applying any pressure whatsoever.

However if I do get either a call or a text (I like texting), I would welcome it, and/or respond promptly.

Oops, I better set up my phone’s answering machine. I will get to this within a matter of hours.

That’s enough on the phone, other than to mention that my last Smart Phone, a 4.1 Android, was regularly hacked and made unusable.

Oh, I forget to mention–> the NSA, the Illuminati, and the Mafia are all listening.

I welcome them listening to my calls.

They are going to hear one happy camper on my end If–>

I can find and reach my dear friend Helen in Utica NY, or either of my sons sometime today to give them “the Great News”!!!

These three calls will all be made later today.

Blogging is not my top priority today.

It’s way down on the list.

This is common when, or soon after, I get my monthly SSD money, as I have to Budget Things, Consider Various Optional Expenses, and take care of some necessary ones (my 3 big necessary ones this month were “this phone and more socks and underwear”. Walmart did the job here.

I am considering a bicycle as my top choice as far as optional ones.

If I do get a bike and a lock, my bus trip to San Francisco will happen in early June sometime.

I think it wise to both Upgrade and clean up a new selection of Dirty Dozen Blogs before I go anywhere.

This plan may change if these Directed Energy Weapon attacks continue.

They shut it off, but now that I got back online they just started whacking me with D.E.W. again.

Ah well.

Such is life.

My physical address is the Rancho Sierra Motel, 411 West 4th Street, Reno NV 89503 Room 23.

It costs $500 a month no tax.

It’s a dump, but I am quite comfortable.

The bed is good, and so is the bedding.

And the shower has good control, and a ton of pressure.

The toilet needs fixing, but I have yet to mention this.

I am thinking of staying here, because some of the people that stay here and manager are so nice.

And I am on the first and only floor in this section of the place.

It’s real easy here, far easier than Albany with all the drama.

I may stay here for awhile.

It’s really up to Google or My Team.

If you want me to be elsewhere just tell me and I’ll be there.

Or simply “Come Get Me”, and I can be packed and ready to go in about 40 minutes.

Dear Google Company, you know “I am yours”, OR U SHOULD KNOW anyway.  >>>We Belong Together.<<<  I am dead certain of this. You have Great Power, and So Do I. We could change the World for sure.

Nobody could stop us if you simply picked me up, transported me somewhere, and gave me a SAFE BOX OF ONE ROOM WITH A WINDOW TO WORK OUT OF.

THAT IS ALL IT WOULD TAKE, that and a little time (months not years).

There is No More Appropriate Place for me to be on this Earth but “On Team Google”.

“The little piece of God in me” tells me this, and has been telling me this for quite some time.


For now, anyway, I am going to choose aka as my primary email address. I do get mail here, but it seems to run real late. For example, if I go into my inbox, often the latest email I see is from yesterday.

I will check this email address out more today to see if it works like I think it should.

If I have problems, I will try to find an email address that works, or start a fresh one.

I will post any primary email changes just below this line, as I determine them.

Primary Email Address #2: [n/a for now] (this also can be secondary email address when I fill this in, if one is still noted as an active Primary Address above this)

Primary Email Address #3: [n/a for now] (this also can be secondary email address when I fill this in, if one is still noted as an active Primary Address above this)

Important Notes to All: I have had a ton of trouble receiving and/or writing emails going all the way back to 2006 or 2007 (until I more or less “gave up”). I am the most hacked man on the planet since June 2006, when I first put my son Wily’s Original ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story on the Internet. There is no doubt whatsoever on this in my mind (that I am the most hacked man on the planet). That’s Real Suppression for sure. That’s why I finally got some sense in me in about June or July of 2010, and started to Search Online using the keyword “suppression”. Out of this I found the heroic investigative reporter Gary Vesperman’s Compilation of 95 Energy Invention Suppression cases. As a Result of this, my being Suppressed myself, and my learning online about the suppression of Bob Beck and Royal Raymond Rife, I became quite an Expert on Suppression Knowledge that “had the power to topple federal governments worldwide, especially our own, which was my Primary Target”. The rest is history, or it sure should be some day.


I have to stop blogging and move around, because–>

The Directed Energy Weapon aimed at me in the chair I am sitting in is really bothering me.

It can’t kill me, but it is sure a pain in the ass.

I think that they are whacking me harder this time.

In fact, I know it.

They must have turned up the juice.

Later alligator.

Allen Darman aka Allen D

I just Went Outside And Got A Nice Break From The Directed Energy Weapon Being Used On Me

All seems quiet.

I am OK for now.

They might turn this damn thing off soon.

if not, fuck ’em.

i have no fear at all.

thank god for the power of the internet.

i did my part.

the blogs i wrote are more than adequate to topple all the corrupt powers that be.

now it’s time for others to do their part.

i gave silicon valley enough blog truth to topple the feds for sure.

i might hop a bus to frisco when this room is up on the 11th with my iMac too.

and then again, i might not.

my plans are uncertain.

i am going to take things day by day and adjust accordingly.

as soon as i get my phone number i will post it.

and i may visit google’s offices here in reno on monday or tuesday.

my only real jobs for the next 2 or 3 days are to sleep, rest, think and stay alive.

any blogging is secondary to this.

it was quiet again outside.

i am going to bed soon.

whatever happens, happens.

i think i am going to be alive in the morning.

my best guess is i am about 90% certain.

my odds of being alive may even be better than this.

don’t worry about me.

if these illuminati fools or their CIA/NSA/DHS/whatever alphabet soup federal stooges >or whomever< are foolish enough to gas me or act against me in any fatal way, so be it.

fuck ’em all and–> hang ’em all if they are that stupid.

i have slept through emp attacks many times before both in albany and utica ny.

emp won't kill you, it's just real bothersome.

i love u all.

nite nite.

allen d

p.s. my weakness routine in april was about 50% rope a dope.

i am ok.

what i did these past few days without pot as a cheat fuel “proves this”.

i owe muhammad ali and george foreman a ton of gratitude.

i would have never made it this far without what they taught me in zaire.

my best guess is i’d have been dead five or six years ago without what happened in zaire in 1971 i think.

that is no shit.

i am going to close with a real Sweet Song–>

i love many of judy collins songs!

i hope u3+? enjoy it 2.

one final thought—>

i hope i can get this cheap flip phone working tomorrow 4–>

i can’t wait to talk to willy and max and tell them from the heart that–>

due to the big picture blog getting to where it is today–>


The American Mafia would be foolish not to join us, and they are not foolish, believe me.

All they have to do is Stand Tall And Brave for a little while, because–>

a lot of pressure by the bad guys is going to come down on them for a bit.

If anyone can Stand Tall and take a little heat, the Mafia can.

i trust these fellows with my life.

all that is needed now is “a little adjustment time” for all of us.

Who would have thought in april 2012 that “we’d win”?

now all parties concerned have to get used to a new mindset.

that’s a 2nd reason why i am going to take a few days off from being real active on the internet.

all that I am going to be doing until the 11th or so, is “adding a little spit and polish” (editing) from—>

the most important blog on down, until i reach 12 or so.

the dirty dozen is going to get “cleaned up”… lol

oh, and i will continue to report in regard to any EMP or other attacks, or a lack thereof.

that’s about it until the 1th, and then my decision will be “get on the bus or not”.

i could swing either way, as i don’t want to waste valuable blogging time here in reno if i am just going to be stood up again.

the latest i will get on a bus and come your way is “on my next SSD check in very early may”, regardless of whether i might get stood up or not.

god, in the form of my conscience, will tell me when to come your way.

nite nite again.

(((hugs 2 all)))

Thanks To All Of My WordPress Intuitive Collaborative Helpers! We Got The Big Picture Blog Done Almost!

Thanks a ton to whomever helped me with WordPress “on the other end” today.

Your presence carried me through to the completion of the critical “Big Picture In America Blog”–>

Intuitive Collaboration to me means “that someone actually cares about me and what I blog about”.

It really helps me psychologically.

Thanks so much again.

All I have to do after I get some sleep in order to finish the Big Picture Blog is tagging and underlying links, and–>

Perhaps a very minor and inconsequential edit or two!

See you Later alligator!

It’s bedtime for me.

(((Hugs to All of my heroic WordPressPatriot “Intuitive Collaborative” Internet Blogging Team)))

Allen D

p.s. My clock says 4:20 pm! coincidentally. Feel free to Enjoy a double 420 bowl (if you partake) for our joint achievement last night and throughout the day today! (I have none. I wrote this blog 100% straight. I am going to stay on the wagon for quite a while longer.)

Thanks A Ton Again To All Those Helping Me This Past Night

Although I am a bit rusty, We as a team did a real good job! this past night on a critical blog–> THE BIG PICTURE REGARDING THE ILLUMINATI’S NWO DEPOPULATION AGENDA (5-2-2014) @

Thank you Mark J and you WordPress heroes In San Francisco.

I may drop in on San Francisco sometime in May to see what happens, but if I do so, it will only be a short trip of a day or two if no one shows up.

If I do come, it will be mid-month or later, and I will probably only be carrying a knapsack, and leaving my iMac in my rented motel room in Reno. This computer is just too heavy to lug around “on spec”, especially in light of my past history visiting San Francisco and no one showing up to meet me.

If no one from my heroic team or Google shows up to say “hi” when I visit, it’s no big deal–> for it is only a day or two in the homeless shelter at 5th and Bryant and a real cheap bus ride back to Reno for me.

It would only cost me about $100 bucks or a bit more to do this, which is affordable by me.

If I do come to CA in mid to late May, I may take public transportation to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, just to stop and say “hi” during normal business hours if someone is willing to meet and talk with me. (Perhaps I can fill out a job application this way.)

I won’t drop in on Automattic’s headquarters though. If I make it to San Francisco this May, I am not going to put any pressure whatsoever on you folks at all.

Trying to drop in Automattic’s headquarters and being unsuccessful in even getting in the door once was enough.

The same goes for Google’s headquarters in Mountain View if I happen to make it out there this May with a small knapsack on my back.

Regardless of what happens as per the above–> for the rest of my life I love You All, and am deeply grateful for all that you have done for me and the many important messages that I am trying to freely give to the world.

(((Hugs to all of you)))

Allen D

p.s. #1–> If the Mafia reads this blog, remember “I am at all times (and in any place whatsoever) willing to talk to you”.

p.s. #2–> If I go down (am killed or disappear) in the foreseeable future, my suggestion is to “hang all three when the Patriot Revolution succeeds” (the Feds, the Mafia, and the Illuminati), but it was probably the Illuminati or their hired CIA goons that took me out after what I blogged last night.

p.s. #3–> I don’t fear anyone at all. What will be, will be. Who am I to second guess God?

p.s. #4–> Thank God for the Power of a Free and Open Internet.

p.s. #5–> That’s all, other than I haven’t smoked any pot for well over a month now. I admit I miss it more than a bit, but it is not wise for me to overdue it (as I learned not too long ago). I am going to continue to remain straight for a while. Pot has a strong tendency to make me think too sexually with “no where to go partner-wise”, and if I smoke too much too often, it admittedly makes me too stupid and exhibit a serious lack of judgement too. Three or four days a week is my limit, I guess, unless I am not working (blogging), in which case it might not matter. On the plus side, I sure get some great ideas and can write well when stoned sometimes.

Thanks A Ton For The Help I Got Tonight And Some Odds And Ends

Addressed to my heroic team:

I know I am very slow, and it takes me a long time to write without a lot of edits and changes.

Thanks a lot to all of you for helping me tonight.

Thanks especially for some critical editing you did.

I will polish the blog I wrote and work on tags for the website it is on tomorrow.

Even if Silicon Valley won’t actively help me personally with supportive housing (which could easily quadruple my work output and help with my blog quality as well), for its own sake and America’s too it has got to get on this energy invention suppression bandwagon for it is perhaps far more useful to revolution than what I know about alt med, as profound as this knowledge is.

I am going to stay on the energy invention front as much as possible, even if it means I end up having to tangle with the KGB as I did in Des Moines IA along with the Mafia at the same time.

Russia is an economy based on oil and natural gas.

TO MY TEAM–> I AM 100% CERTAIN A KGB HIT TEAM TOOK A CRACK AT ME IN DES MOINES IN THE SUMMER OF 2012 AND ALMOST KILLED ME WITH CYANIDE IN MY FRUIT SALAD AT DINNER (one bite and I would have died–> whatever it was burned my lips quite a bit despite immediately wiping it off with a napkin but none entered my mouth as I knew what was going on and that something on my tray was poisoned). THE KGB LATER JOINED WITH THE MAFIA TO TRY TO KILL ME A 2ND TIME AS WELL—> Be watchful for and careful of the KGB IF YOU BLOG FOR FREE ENERGY THAT THREATENS OR IS AGAINST BIG OIL AND NATURAL GAS.


The American Mafia may very well not be the big threat (or any threat) if one blogs against Big Oil–> IMHO, the KGB far exceeds them here.

This situation in the Ukraine may very well erupt as a result of it being an engineered and planned war with the American Government, the Russian Government and the Illuminati being the three conspirators involved in making it happen, regardless of “how things seem on the surface”.

I don’t care about me any more. If some party kills me here in Reno, so be it. I will fight to the end with whatever strength I have. Unlike Mike Ruppert, I will never give up or do what he did. I learned my lesson on this in Oregon in 2013.

This world is on the verge of God Knows What, none of it good.

My personal fate is not the issue at all any more for we may be on the verge of martial law.

Incidentally, I have no fear at all any more, a fact that has been true for quite some time now.

I am ready to die for God as I understand it and the Truth if need be, just as Stan Meyer, Rory Johnson, Bob Beck and many other suppressed discoverers were willing to do the same.

Thank God for the Power of the Internet, Google, WordPress and Facebook, etc. I am going to ride this power of the net horse until the end. As far as my enemies are concerned Fuck ’em all if they succeed in killing me in the next year or two. My health my not be the greatest, but my chances of dying of natural causes within the next two years are real, real slim (less than one half of 1% is a good guess).

The big demonstration planned for May 16th in D.C.–> is this still going to happen? Will 2 million show up?

I can’t make it, my strength and general energy level is not real good at all.

I am not going to share this blog on any platform. Perhaps if I am killed the copy here may be of use to you my team members, and you may share it at any time if feel it is appropriate. I do not want to foster fear, but I want my team to know the whole truth, and nothing but.

I am beat mentally.

It’s time to relax and watch YouTube videos or the TV.

Nite nite.

(((Hugs to all.)))

Sleepy Time 4 Me

Great Job Team!

Our stuff is really taking shape well!

thanks to u3

i know i make a lot of mistakes…

things will come together eventually.

We all should get a Gold Star 4 what we have done since–>

“Google and I intuitively shook hands over the Internet on FEB/8th/14 in Regard 2 a 1st Internet Woodstock Start Up”.


nite nite